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EP 10 - CoVid-19 and other threats to humanity with Daniel Engel


We discuss basic questions around the Corona Virus and other potentially dangerous threats to humanity and their likelihood.

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EP9: Petrolheads in the 21st century


How has being a petrolhead changed in the past couple of decades? An introspection with Björn Engel, Rasid Music, and Chirag Saraswati

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EP8 : Talking Space with Daniel Nürnberger


Will mars just be a colony for rich people? Life-changing Meteorite sightings, the voyage of the Voyager spacecraft, and much more!

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Ep 07: Why are USB standards so confusing? Julian Huber explains why


I talk with Julian Huber, a USB expert, about all the confusion around USB devices and the nomenclature around the USB standard in general.

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