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Technology and People

EP 10 - CoVid-19 and other threats to humanity with Daniel Engel


We discuss basic questions around the Corona Virus and other potentially dangerous threats to humanity and their likelihood.

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EP9: Petrolheads in the 21st century


How has being a petrolhead changed in the past couple of decades? An introspection with Björn Engel, Rasid Music, and Chirag Saraswati

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EP8 : Talking Space with Daniel Nürnberger


Will mars just be a colony for rich people? Life-changing Meteorite sightings, the voyage of the Voyager spacecraft, and much more!

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Ep 07: Why are USB standards so confusing? Julian Huber explains why


I talk with Julian Huber, a USB expert, about all the confusion around USB devices and the nomenclature around the USB standard in general.

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Ep 6: Audio Science, technologies and careers related to audio engineering


A sit-down with Maurice Schill, who has expertise in audio science and technology. We discuss fascinating technologies in the Audio world, and the possibility of careers in Audio engineering

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Ep 5: Linguistics and how it shapes technology and brings the world together, With Nadya Trichkova


Translation tools and services have come a long way, but there's still a lot more to do, we talk with Nadya Trichkova about the state of the art, the privacy perspective, and the way language processing shapes our cross border lives.

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The filler episode, with full jingle


Due to an event at the BB location, this episode has been postponed. See you next time!

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Ep 4: About Medical technology, CRISPR, and the ethics of gene editing with Daniel Engel


The medical tech industry has exploded in the past decade thanks to rapid developments in a variety of different fields. Today, we stand at the crossroads of time itself, with advancements such as gene editing.

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EP3: From Cassettes and Vinyl to Streaming with Spotify and Tidal


In this episode, we sit down with Rasid Music and Matthias Lemser, to discuss the history and future of music consumption

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Ep 2: Tesla and Electric Cars, and the experience of shifting to electric


We talk electric cars with Tesla owner Marcos Schuster. As someone who also owns an old beetle, he has the right contrast of experiences. (CWH, RSD, UMO)

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